Trapped in A World He Never Made!


Paul Pope recommend that I do a series of ink studies on compositions in the panels of THB. So, that’ll serve as the base. I’m doing this myself, and I’d like for anyone to participate with me, so;

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Cover a panel from any issue of THB
  2. Black & white only
  3. Post to your tumblr with Pope’s original
  4. Tag #THBPanels
  5. Have fun and destroy!

You can do this three ways:

  1. Simply cover the panel in your style
  2. Mimic Paul’s style in the first cover focusing on brush control, and do it again in your own style.
  3. The same as 2, but do one more with straight ink on paper. No pencils.


  • I understand that THB is hard to come by and borderline unaffordable for the moment, so to supplement this flaw, I’ll post panels and pages during the course of the competition.  
  • I’m sure Paul won’t mind if you find a torrent of the books. If you need help finding these, message me and I’ll help you out.
  • Post the music you listened to while drawing and inking. Music is central to PP’s work and it helps injects energy that may show in the work.
  • Post your materials. You can make comics in so many different ways and in my analyzing tumblr, the more pictures you include and the bigger your post is in scrolling, the more viewer is overpowered viscerally and likely to pay attention. 


  • I can’t guarantee a prize, so I’ve excluded anything that would give to a feeling of competition, but these contests are opportunities to be seen, get new followers, and network, so consider that the competitive spirit if and until I can be sure about giving something away


  • There’s no specific deadline, but I’m going to reblog these starting a week from today, so January 23rd and I’ll keep going for 2 to 4 weeks after. Don’t put it off though.

Share this with whomever would be interested. And if everything goes well, I’ll have something similar for Battling Boy towards its release later this year. Maybe with a prize.


A project I have been working on for quite a while has finally left the printer and is on a truck or a boat somewhere as i type this! The Graphic Novel and Kickstarter hit, reMind written and illustrated by Jason Brubaker in a deluxe hardcover set and slipcase.Volume 1 (2nd Printing), Volume 2 and Slipcase. Art Direction and Design by Christopher Kosek.

reMind is a mystical, sci-fi about faith, love and brain transplantation.

Jason will be busy filling Kickstarter orders but will be opening another round of pre-orders very soon. Check his website for more info.