Trapped in A World He Never Made!


I am contributing two original pieces for a gallery show coming up in December that is entirely devoted to the concept of “The End”. We were welcome to do anything revolving around the concept, including the positive aspects, such as the end of war, the end of a bad relationship, or the end of a journey. But of course, as things go, I decided to once again go the darker route and chose to show an anguished end - a girl whose decided to commit suicide on her wedding night. I thought the idea behind despair is always more interesting and illusive than a joyful conclusion, which usually has a very clear message. This image allows for reflection on ones self. I didn’t necessarily want to go the end of the world route, since that is so overdone at this point, thought in a literal sense, this kind of outcome is technically “The End” since it ultimately eliminated her life, which is the only world she knows. And ultimately, the end of the world comes with ones own death. 

PS: I included the black and white line drawing as well since I thought it was interesting and would give an insight to my stages when working.