Trapped in A World He Never Made!


it’s like fat girls need an excuse for existing. i’ve never seen a fat girl post a photo of herself in her underwear or bathing suit without explaining that she’s finally fed up with beauty standards and wants to love her own body. i’ve never seen a fat girl just post a photo of her body and be okay with it. it’s always tagged with things like #bodypositivity and #loveyourcurves and things like that because that is the only that people will accept them.

fat girls can’t be fat without having to make a statement and even when they don’t, other people do. i’ve seen friends post photos of themselves at the beach with captions about what a great day they had only for other people to reblog them and add things like “you’re so confident/brave/strong!” as if there was no way that she could just have a day at the beach without suddenly becoming a martyr.

fat bodies are not property. they are not yours to shame or use or consume. they belong to the people who live in them and nobody else.


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Many thanks to everyone who came by at SPX! I had a blast talking to you all and I’m sad that it’s over! It’s a truly inspiring show, and I’m so, so proud of Sam for winning an Ignatz award this year. I’ll be putting my remaining Anime Boyfriends zines up for sale online in the next few weeks, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a ~new~ zine/comic for next year! ☆